Where Cutting Edge Design Meets the Floor

There is a saying in the art world, “less is more”. A splash of red on a field of black and white or a slight bend minimalist sculpture can add just the right amount of interest in a piece to make it complete. The same is true in design. Sometimes a simple approach to a space can achieve the same thing. A great period piece in a contemporary setting, a tile floor laid on a 30 degree bias, or reducing the number of flooring materials can make the space something special.

Over the past 25 years of owning 5 homes I have easily looked at over 150 different homes before buying. The one thing that always hits me first when I walk into a house is how many different flooring materials some DIYer’s will use when renovating a home. It is like each room is supposed to have it’s own floor color. If there is one thing that can make a living spaces, especially open areas, look more unified, sophisticated, and open, it is the use of 2 or less flooring materials like wood and carpet or wood and tile. When I say flooring material I mean that you use the same color and design throughout the entire living space.

This simplification of flooring materials will allow the floors to do what they are supposed to do, be a foil for your furniture, open the space, and improve the visual flow of each room. It sounds like an expensive endeavor but choosing a “alternative fashion material” like LVT will give you the look of natural wood, great durability, and easy installation all at an affordable cost.

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